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Wake Me Up - Avicii (violin/cello/bass cover) - Simply Three

Check back for next weeks Video Spot Light. (Once we get going we will be posting some of our own videos as well!!!)

Viper Orchestra Schedule

1st Period: Cross Oaks/ Providence

2nd Period: Allegro B

3rd Period: Allegro A

4th Period: Vivace

5th Period: Lunch Duty

6th Period: Largo Orchestra

7th Period: Largo Orchestra

8th Period: Conference

Upcoming Dates 

16 Sept
5th Grade Demonstration Concert @Braswell High School Auditorium 6:30pm (Students arrive by 6:00pm

19 Oct
RMS Orchestra Concert- 6th-8th Grade Students. @ RMS. 5:00pm Warm-up, 6:00pm Concert

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